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About Me

Director of Photography. Camera Operator
Kameramann. DoP. Colorist
I´m a DoP, Gimbal Operator and Colorist, living near Stuttgart, Southern Germany.
I´am working for different Film and Video productions, especially Short Films, Music Videos, Documentary Films and Commercials or Product Videos.

I believe the most important aspect in making motion pictures, is to tell a story.
As Director of Photography and Cinematographer, i work on the perfect Frame, the best light and the defining look, to convey your mood and emotions into my work.

<< Kameramann und Filmemacher aus Stuttgart. >>

<< Requests in English and German // Anfragen in Englisch und Deutsch >>

Further References

Social Media Content


Robella, Alien King


2022 by


Samsas Traum, Bis in alle Ewigkeit 

Music Video and DVD Production,

2019 by

Escape From Wonderland, Dead Devotion

Music Video Production,

2019 by

Amarante, Dancing In The Dying Light

Music Video


Seiz Technical Gloves GmbH

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